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New Medinah Retreat & Business Fundraiser


By Sister Khalilah Hasan, SisterLinc Inc.

Were you there? Did you miss the 29th New Medinah Retreat and the great sharing of the messages from Dr. Rashad Ali, Sister Ayesha Mustafaa, Imam Qasim Ahmed, or Imam FurQan Muhammad? Did you experience the camaraderie among the Muslims as we breathe in the fresh air, the peace and quietness of the land? Did you view Allah’s heavenly sphere of the moon and the beauty of his stars that were too numerous to count, as the sunset and the night began?


Well, Insha’Allah, life is giving you another opportunity to share in all of this and more as we are already in the planning stages of The 30th Anniversary of the Annual New Medinah Islamic Retreat. The best is yet to come!

Now, here’s your opportunity to plan to be present “In An Environment That Makes it Easy to Remember Allah.” New Medinah!

Save the date,. If you were blessed to be present at our very 1st New Medinah Retreat, in August 1987, then you want to create some new memories in 2016 with your family and friends.

I was there this year, along with some of my sisters in SisterLinc, Inc. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we are making our commitment now to help with next year’s Retreat. SisterLinc is an organization formed to address the financial and social issues primarily of women and children, empowering them through the establishment of a credit union, safe havens, assisted living facilities, etc. We also actively support Islamic Schools and all institutions established under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, such as New Medinah.

Please make your plans to attend The New Medinah Retreat 2016 NOW!  It is understood that when we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Imam FurQan Muhammad of Atlanta once told me that he attended the first Ramadan Session of Imam W. D. Mohammed and every time when leaving, he would make his intentions to return to the next session and Allah has always blessed him to do so.

SisterLinc humbly requests that all Masjids and Centers in the South, to please arrange your schedules so that you may assist New Medinah during the Memorial Day weekend -- May 27-29, 2016 -- to extend the best hospitality that we southerners know how to give.

Please join in with us, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky. The rest of the United States will be our invited guests!

We are stepping into the space of DOING FOR SELF right now and overcoming today! We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, are pooling our resources to secure the blessings of freeing our minds and spirits and will soon enjoy our self-made prosperity in this generation and for generations to come.

Join us! Make your intentions early and let it be known so that we may make the best plans for you and your family. Add to your budget $5 a month in order that we, as a collective body, can and will continue this mission in honest truth to do for self.


All proceeds are distributed in the following manner:

  • 1st dollar goes to our paper The Muslim Journal – so that it will forever be alive and well
  • 2nd dollar goes to upgrade the structure of Clara Muhammad Schools Nationwide– Beautification
  • 3rd dollar goes to building our W. Deen Mohammad International Boarding School- A blessing for our children
  • 4th dollar goes to purchasing a commercial tent 100x300 for community use. – Ownership, no more renting
  • 5th dollar goes to aiding SisterLinc in building our state of the art credit union – Unified dollars build empires

READY, SET, GO! - BEGIN SENDING YOUR $5 during the month of Ramadan (June -- the Muslim month of fasting).  In the 1st 10 days of Ramadan, we seek mercy.  The 2nd 10 days, we seek forgiveness.  In the final 10 days, culminating the fast, we seek salvation. We may find all of these redeeming qualities in giving and sharing. May Allah reward us for all the good that we do.

On the right of this Sisterlinc page are opportunities to give in the way most comfortable to you. Choose a monthly commitment that automatically comes from your account by clicking the 1st button. Choose to pay the first year leading to the next New Medina Retreat all at once by clicking the 2nd button. Or choose to donate $5 today and come back to this page each month to make your $5 donation by choosing the 3rd button. 

Make a secure online donation today!


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