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Our Annual Hat Tea

In the summer of 2006, enjoying the cool of a summer afternoon on the back porch of our home, we were sharing cool drinks and tea cakes with some visiting friends who had attended a Hat Tea in Jackson, MS. The excitement of that day and the idea that we could duplicate the same in our town to honor our mothers and grandmothers who donned their hats and gloves over tea at church inspired us.

Our theme was and still is "Celebrate the Woman Within"

Our 9th Annual Hat Tea Brunch was held at The Grandma Home House Retreat in Montgomery, AL. It was held on Saturday, August 22, 2015. Later in the evening, we hosted a concert under the stars with the soul-stiring presence of Sister Suad El-Amin and Brothers Shaheed & DJ Supreme.

We are truly grateful for those who supported this effort either with their presence as guests, as vendors, or as sponsors for others to attend.  Thank you to the brothers who were present and supportive of the sisters. Thank you to Grandma Home House Retreat and staff for the gracious hosting of this event.  We strive to work for excellence and continued growth and improvement.

With Appreciation, SisterLinc
To read our complete Hat Tea history Click Here. To enjoy pictures from the Hat Tea and Concert Click Here.

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______Linc'ing Sisters . . .

____Around God's World!

Linc’ing with Sisterlinc is a response or a call to love. Our recruitment process is not like any other.

We reach out to each other with our gifts, talents and finances -- especially in times of need – giving what is needed for that moment. Sometimes it’s a listening ear. Sometimes it’s sound advice. Sometimes it’s a simple hug. But whatever it is, we believe that there is a divine force within us that guides us to give to each other what is needed at the exact moment that it is required.

As a result, the sister who is receiving our love soon desires to respond in kind. She naturally desires to give love back. This is the natural response of her divine nature.

Soon she begins providing a service for the good and advancement of the sisterhood. Before it’s all said and done, the sister is no longer only receiving love but giving love and has both passively and actively become a member of SisterLinc which is her Divine birthright.

We encourage you to follow your call to love or perhaps it is your desire to respond to love.

Whichever it is, We Welcome You.